Simply Remove The Obstacles To The

Presence of Truth

In The Absence Of Ego The Glorious Truth Of Your Inherent

Greatness & Magnitude
in the mind of love

Is Elegantly & Naturally Revealed!

Putting An End To ALL Struggle, Suffering, Hustle, Limitation, Lack

& The MOST Insidious Aspect Of Ego, WANTING...


Divine Genius Is Naturally Unleashed & 'Heaven' Revealed:
"Where I am God IS, I Stand ON Holy Ground"

When The Mind Is Healed Of Misperception

When the Mind Is Healed Of Misidentification

When The Mind Is Restored To Truth

The Mind Of Infinite Wisdom, Genius & Grace Comes Forth To Clear & Light The Way To Success

Success Is Natural When You Know How To Play

To Illuminate & Animate Life From The Highest Love
ALLOWING The Supreme Experience Of Life
& To Extend This To All!

To Be The Creative Genius In FULL Co-Creation & Power

Harnessing "Primal Force" In Absolute Alignment

A Life Of Miracles & Magic

In Truth You Already Have Everything

It Is ONLY The Absence Of "Truth" In Your Conscious Awareness Which Reflects
Any & Everything Other Than Perfect Peace & Abundance!

Humans Play The Game Of Life At The WRONG Level...

There Is NO Escape At The Level Of Human Thinking

You MUST Transcend To WIN!

Are You Ready To Awaken & Claim Your
Divine Inheritance?

The Experience of 'Heaven on Earth' Pouring Forth Animating Divine Health, Harmony, Happiness & Abundance...

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

To Light The Way Home To
'Divine Liberation'

a life lived in full power &
certainty of the
'divine self'

The Love Of Primal Creation Is The Most
Powerful Creative Force There Is

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Rumi

The Truth Is Eternally Present & Incorruptible!
You Aren't 'Seeing' It Because You're Stuck On The Wrong Channel
& I'll Show You Precisely How To Align With Divinity!


The Most Comprehensive & Sophisticated
Mind/Life Restoration (Resurrection)
Program On The Planet
Restoring Love

Doing Precisely What The Ancient Masters,
Confirmed By Modern Science,
Have Clearly Revealed

Question Our Own Perspective

Challenge The Eyes Through Which you're Looking (ie ego/human)

Ego is the belief in being something you are not

something which is inherently limited, lacking & wanting

transcending 'ego' - a mere belief system which denies your true power in creation

Knowing that mind is life

you are the decision maker experiencing the effect of your decisions

your divine power is to choose

where upset 'is' tells you with clarity where misperception is running riot

misperception (ie limitation & struggle) is a projection of ego NOT Truth

nothing of ego is personal or even true, it's merely a dream

you get to choose again!

Expose The:
Origin of Decision

In Order to choose 'Again' in divine alignment & guarantee success!

Unleashing Divine Genius

everything you really need to transcend & live in omniscient omnipotent omnipresent grace
$ 997
Permanent ongoing access for life
  • 24/7 Learning Portal to UN-learn - UN-wind - UN-do the human dream of separation
  • The ENTIRE Quantum Forgiveness Technology to Erase the Past & Collapse Time
  • The Precise Transcendent Teachings to Unleash Grace & KNOW/LIVE the Divine Self
  • Exclusive Access to the Awakening Tribe, THE Community 'Doing' Self-Transcendence
  • Permanent ONGOING Access to ALL Content
  • BONUS: Access to "Quantum Prayer" to Allow the Highest Love to 'be' Restored & Animate Life Value ($9997)
  • BONUS BONUS: A Private Session wiht our Expert Team to 'Master' Awakening Value ($297)
permanent access

I’m Dr Sally Gray

Having walked this path ‘home’ to Divine Truth, to live in Absolute Liberation & Prosperity in the experience of Oneness, it’s my mission to simplify the ‘way’ for  all Visionaries, Thought Leaders, Healers & Truth Seekers to restore Divine Identity & know the profound & unwavering fulfillment of Grace…

To live as the expression & extension of Love, being ‘done through’ by Grace & Genius in Eternal Certainty, in FULL Power IS the Grand Prize of life…

To know the Self AS the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ heralds the end to ego’s game of search & never find & FINALLY the beginning of Real Life…

‘Divinity’ is the Truth for all. A life beyond all limitation & wanting is on the table for those who desire to claim it! The ‘way’ is clear, simple & proven…

Everything you KNOW about Success & Happiness is wrong, that’s why you’ve never found it TRULY! It isn’t meant to be a lifelong struggle, I’m here to light the way to profound fulfillment & a life Inspired by Grace, where ONLY ‘winning’ exists!

With The Existential Metaphysical Quantum Truth In Hand We Simply Expose ALL That Is Misperception FINALLY!
Exactly HOW to AWAKEN to Grace MADE PRACTICAL Organically Revealing That Which Is Eternally Present

With NOT Another Moment Wasted Trying To Insanely (as Einstein said) Change The Human Dream

We Walk DIRECTLY To Transcendence

Awakening The Mind

Leaving The Dream Behind

Opening The Door To Genius!

Tapping Into The Divine Mind

Allowing The Presence Of Perfect Love To Animate Life


Without this work I would not have had the real awareness, insights and ability to truly trust my heart and embrace my power and destiny. The peace, abundance, joy and connection
I experience now is magical and I feel so grateful…
Finn Kellow Webb
Elite Performance Mentor

Just How Good Can LIfe Get?

I was brought to tears earlier this week and how beautiful like looks now
(and the realisation that it would continue to evolve & expand)!

This is just MAGICAL, it feels my heart with so much love and joy. AWE at the power of Love!
Thank you God!! 💕💕💕
Anika Fyfe
Mystical Student, Performance Artist & Pilates Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions...

This unique & unparalleled program draws on a lifetime of personal & professional development at the cutting edge of human potential & consciousness (PLEASE understand this is very advanced, NOT for beginners)...

You'll find the time saving, most transformational & Transcendent practices from cutting edge Transpersonal, Spiritual, Metaphysical, Psychological, Neuroscience & Quantum practices to expose the illusion of 'human ego' & elegantly restore the Divine Operating system for a life of effortless Peace, Happiness & limitless Success...

We begin immediately to question the reality of ANY 'problem/challenge/upset/ at the level of Cause in mind to begin experiencing True Transcendence instantly...

We then apply the Supreme healing technology to permanently erase limitation & leap into the Pinnacle of life experience beyond the past, beyond the finite narrative mind of fear & open to the Truth of Omniscience...

This is not for the faint of heart, we question everything to allow that which is Truth (Eternal/Timeless & Changeless) to arise into experience...

You will gain immediate access to a learning portal (or UN-learning portal as I like to call it because you already have the Truth 'buried' within, revealing it is simply a matter of removing misperception)...

There are 12 trainings (with a sweet BONUS, "Quantum Prayer") for you to work through giving you ALL the pieces of the Unleashing Divine Genius puzzle; ie to meet your True Divine Self for 'whom' there is not a care or problem in the world, JUST Love...

AND you have access to my Transcendence Team with LIVE sessions scheduled each week to get expert guidance & insights...

We also LOVE to give extra so be prepared for serious over delivery with BONUS "LIVE" Sessions...

Sally has personally created & delivered the trainings, so you'll see me in all the videos...

She'll also be LIVE every month & all other 'live' sessions are guided by her team of experts...

Sally is available for private work by application. Please be aware that she doesn't offer one-off sessions & works with a handful of clients at a time to honour the 'time' required for True Transcendence...

For further details please reach out to

You CAN expect stunning, extraordinary, TRANSCENDENT results when you do the work...

I'm delighted & blessed to have the uncommon success I do in my business BECAUSE my clients (who do the work) get results, check out the testimonials...

Expect Miracles & Magic is what we say...

Whilst everyone wants a life of bliss it takes SERIOUS mind renovating which few are willing to do...

This is why I've created this program, to make the 'doing' which is required to KNOW Love as the Self as simple as possible...

There is not another 'thing' to do in life in order to be in absolute alignment, it's ALL about the operating system of mind so if you're ready to do the work, we'll be walking you 'home' to Grace!

If you're wanting to simply consume information without having the experience (which is ONLY possible from taking the right action) this is NOT for you...

There aren't any age recommendations BUT I will say that there are 2 requirements:

  1. A desire to know the Truth of 'life'...
  2. A willingness to see differently than you currently do...

My clients vary a great deal & tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Visionaries
  • Thought Leaders
  • TRUE Healers
  • Truth Seekers

Age is irrelevant when it comes to Awakening...

YES of course!

Most of our clients are globally disbursed...

The content is online & accessible by any device ANY time of day...

AND we are very sensitive to differing timezones & so you'll find we vary our 'live' practical sessions to suit people all over the world...

Once the mind is healed of misperception, the door to Miracles & Magic is wide open...

The game you can then play is one of expanding Genius & Love beyond your wildest imaginings...

The mind creates the world!

The 'human ego' (conditioned confined mind) produced your life...

IMAGINE what a 'trained' Mind in Alignment with Grace can do!!!

Well, I can tell you from my own experience & that of those in the next program, The Divine Playground, the healed Mind can 'accomplish' ANYTHING...

We simply give Divine instruction & relax for the 'ride' of Love!

I am thrilled to share these concepts & highly encourage that you do the same...

Ideas are to be shared & extended, True Healing is for everyone!

You won't however be 'certified' unless you've undertaken the appropriate training...

This is, after all, the most advanced mind training there is in our "world"...

If you'd like to take the Professional 'path' & be fully trained & certified to deliver this content & UP-level your 'practice' then simply reach out to my team at, we have a certification pathway through the "Transcendence Academy"...

This is for you only if:

You're REALLY Willing & Able To Take Responsibility For Your Mind - thought animates life, there is some serious renovating required to live aligned with truth because we've made mastery of misperception & believed the impossible nonsense of ego so you must must must be willing to challenge what you think you know because what you know is producing your 'show'...

You KNOW You Want The Supreme Experience Of Life IN The Highest Love...

You're READY (not just willing but READY to do the work of letting go & healing) To Challenge Your Own Perspective & To Give Up Being 'Right' In Favour of The Truth That ONLY Love Is Real...

You're PREPARED For A Little Temporary Discomfort That Is Inevitable With 'Ego' Death...

Reach Out With Any Additional Questions To:

Email - COPYRIGHT 2021