The Programming of Your Mind is Producing Your “Life Show”…

Our life is experienced from the inside out, our mind is producing our show, here's how to break free from the unwanted & set a course for BLISS!
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Life feels like such a ‘real’ experience doesn’t it. How we see things is just the truth right!?!?

Well, as it happens, the answer is no. We see what we’ve been conditioned to see and this conditioning happens between the ages of 0-7, a program of sorts that keeps us confined and defined by a set of rules that informs our neural processing and thus neurochemistry and our biochemistry.

We’re automated by this conditioning, known as the ‘Hypnotic Rhythm’, getting around experiencing our subjective version of life, entirely blind to a deeper truth, a reality of organised perfection that we can access ONLY WHEN we awaken from the sleep we’ve believed is our life!

In this video I share one of my all time favourite tools from Neuroscientist Dr Mark Waldman. Be warned, this video will transform your life, setting you on course to live a live of just peace and bliss, it’s a bit rocky at first so only watch if you’re done with suffering for good. If you want a little more pain, look away now!

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