It’s Our Only Mission To Accelerate Awakening DRAMATICALLY For Those Who Want The Pinnacle Experience Of Life. Self-Transcendence Is The Supreme Answer Where Grace Simply Flows From Within, Alignment In Oneness With God.

Here’s a small sample of the results our clients experience…



“You’re like a Spiritual Paramedic. Sal I just wanted to reach out & extend my gratitude. For so long I’ve felt crippled by embarrassment, not knowing where to turn, entirely hypnotised by the belief that I should know better being such a well known identity. Finding you was truly miraculous. You’re like the Divine Spiritual clean up crew, healing my mind after a lifetime of human hustling & devotion to the law of attraction. I’ve got it all & never knew what I really had which makes it all appear ridiculously mundane. It’s such early days in our partnership & I am more excited than I have ever been for a life of True Surrender! I’d pay your fee a hundreds times over for what I’ve already received! …”

Lies Helsloot

BELGIUM, AUTHOR, Entrepreneur; Founder of “Delphin & Emerence” & “Take You Time”

Lies went from paralysed with fear, overwhelm, feeling like an imposter & totally inadequate, racked with guilt over the impact of her looping world on her daughter, TO peace, FILLED, giddy with playfulness & bliss & a MIRACULOUS turn around in her business (10’s of 1000’s in her bank instead of months of $0) which has changed the game entirely in ONLY 1 session…

“I feel so at peace, I feel pure love, I even feel kind of pleasantly “silly” feeling relaxed, relieved, happy, pure bliss. And the feeling stayed with me even long after and remains still…Everything has changed so quickly, success has arrived”….The Divine Fire has been lit & every aspect of Lies’ life is shining & expanding in True Prosperity!

What Does the World's #1 Human potential expert &
star of "the secret" say about working with Dr Sal?

Meghan cooper


“The peace, love & happiness I am experiencing in my life is no longer fleeting. I have taken back my power & I am experiencing life in a whole new way & so are my loved ones…”



“I feel I have been connected to a continuous drip of Grace and Love and Joy and Harmony and Peace and Happiness and more! I don’t know but I know it’s Good 🤣🤣 Euphoria and awe and wonder ❤️❤️❤️💝 so good!!…”

FINN Kellow-webb


“I feel so at peace, I feel pure love, I even feel kind of pleasantly “silly” feeling relaxed, relieved, happy, pure bliss. And the feeling stayed with me even long after and remains still…Everything has changed so quickly, success has arrived”….The Divine Fire has been lit & every aspect of Lies’ life is shining & expanding in True Prosperity!



I felt like such a fake! Giving to get was the only game I knew how to play. Underneath my ‘happy’ life, giving to my family felt like such a chore. Always striving to be more, do more, have more – distracting from the deep feelings of inadequacy, and lack of purpose. I was determined to keep persisting until I found THE THING that would make all this worthwhile, it had to be out there right! The elusive thing I truly wanted was authentic love, authentic peace, authentic connection and a deep certainty that all was well.

The greatest discovery of my life was that THE THING I was looking for all along was me! Just not the version of me that I thought I was! I don’t need to do a damn thing, don’t need to get a damn thing to be able to GIVE in such an authentic way I never believed possible (no strings attached!). I am FILLED with the limitless and eternal Love of God and my only purpose is to give that away!…”

blazenka grebenar

pharmacist & heart warrior

“Dear Sally 🥰 I’m sharing this, what I see as a huge win for me. The level of peace and certainty I feel is getting stronger and stronger. My oldest son, was living in Melbourne, decided to come back home for a while (he’s moving to England where his girlfriend lives) until the visa is ready. When he told me about his plan I was just happy and actually excited for him, the old me would play an “ohh no poor me,  I won’t get to see you” record, (blablaaa😅) Wednesday night he walked into my bedroom (I was asleep), he was having a panic attack (it must have been very scary for him to ask for help from me), he said muma I don’t want to scare you but I’m having a panic attack and I don’t know what to do. I was so peaceful and calm and I just know that my a old “human“ self could not be that; my old self would call ambulance, make a big deal about it, (which I can see now would be all about me!!!!). Instead there was Holy Spirit working through me, with such calmness. I told him to breathe, not to be scared. I sow a little scared child, not just my child, but child and I was just there to love him. I didn’t want anything to be different in that moment, it was actually magical, there was no judging, no looking for someone to blame! Because I choose Love, I was able to give love , everything is truly happening for me. I know my mind is healing & I know that light in me is expanding. I have noticed that I look at everything and everyone differently, it’s like the worry of tomorrow is gone and nothing really ever happened. Soooo thankful for you guidance Sal ❤️🙏 I Choose Love ❤️ ❤️❤️ And I Love you 🥰 ”

Sarah Asphar

Spiritual healer, dj & entrepreneur

“Let it Be. I am content in this moment. I acknowledge the ongoing choice I make for love & peace. 

Refreshing throughout the day with affirmative prayers are bliss! Remembering & reminding myself who I am in truth is just so nourishing. Where I am aware that I am upset & in pain is just an opportunity to see I have not chosen love in that moment. I had chose fear over love and I really do have a choice now. A year ago I didn’t feel I did at all. The archetype work has been so helpful in unravelling where my power, my ability to choose for my true self had been leaking & hijacked. Identifying the ways in which the child, saboteur, victim & prostitute fed my ego’s story, really gave my True Self some breathing room to slash away at the beliefs I had been making real that had me so bound.

Reclaiming sacred power, stepping up & out of the fog of illusion, shining bright in the love that I am as God’s perfect creation, whole, complete and divine…”


singer songwriter – fourth state touriya

“The shifts within me have been incredible… my level of patience and peace has expanded to such a deep state of relaxation I have no ‘up and down’ or grumpy moments anymore even hormonal/emotional changes have gone, as i came to the realisation that was just a choice and an excuse to blame and complain. My baby is 18 months old and I’ve not once felt ‘back pain’ or even tightness in my body with the need to stretch or exercise which I definitely HAD to do regularly in the past to feel good. My relationship with my partner and family are the best they’ve ever been and they are becoming the best versions of themselves learning through osmosis.”


reiki master

“The Life Mastery has been a godsend for me! I would never be where I am now if it wasn’t for this programme. Not only has it changed me, but my family have also benefitted! Now life flows and is calm and peaceful. I feel relaxed. I am much more confident in myself. I value my  self-worth and trust myself. I am happy to talk about my ‘gifts’ – I am not afraid to voice what I stand for. I know how powerful a being I am. I have no expectations and no limitations, and I have been able to  find my Freedom!!”

sally hibbs

“Four weeks ago my Ego was whispering The Incubator won’t ‘work’ for YOU. It will for everyone else, but not YOU”. Thankfully I told Ego to get in the back seat & trusted Sal’s formula. Honestly, the way I FEEL now after 4 weeks is how I only dared hope I might feel after the 12 months. (Investment already returned many times over!!).

I have NEVER felt this calm & at peace, or felt such a sense of space between myself and the physical world. Obviously my trajectory has not been straight (and why would it be), I still slip back into the hypnotic rhythm & still get triggered. The difference is, I now recognise it for what it is, welcome it and don’t beat myself up for it. If I were to list all the individual wins this would be a very long message.

Here’s a few: I seem to have all the time in the world to do what I need to do. I no longer feel permanently annoyed 🤣, my connection with my children has gone next-level, I am SO much more present. Bucket loads of gratitude to you Sal and everyone else sharing this experience with me…”



I couldn’t believe what a mess my life looked like so early at the age of 17! Chronic fatigue, short-temperedness, anger, exhaustion, stress, anxiety and frustration are all ways to describe what my life was like. It was a game of micro-managing EVERY aspect to maintain a level of ‘minimal’ suffering. It felt so wrong that I was about to accept that suffering was the fate of my future.

Gratefully, I followed Sal into this realm of Truth which shattered everything I considered myself to be, leading me into an unimaginable level of Peace. If you had told me 6 years ago that happiness, peace, joy and relaxation would be ways to describe myself, I wouldn’t have believed you! The willingness I feel to question the reality of my thoughts and declare that I know absolutely nothing has lead me to a profound place of joy. I now play life asking myself everyday “How good can life get?” And I rejoice in the ability to share the Love that I am with anyone willing to question their mind just like I did!…”



“Sooo game changing for me! I can see more clearly than ever that I am floating in an ether of PURE Love, connected to all Creation, supplied by the one true Source, God. The human condition is but a dream, merely a projection playing to diagnose my state of mind, allowing me to remember the Truth! 💗💗

A complete change in mindset from having to control the game of life to awakening from the dream/nightmare … I know who I am, I am one with all that there is, with God. I have released all judgements, and celebrate upsets that arise. Life is truly magical and beautiful when you can see an upset for what it is, whittle it down to see the nonsense and forgive!! So much freedom in the Truth of Love. I know I can let go in complete safety and allow God’s perfect Will to unfold with excitement!

Thank you doesn’t even get close to my level of gratitude…”


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