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“Each and every living being is an embodiment of the imperishable Self. The highest purpose of life is to awaken to this truth experientially as the very core of our existence. An awakened master is the midwife to this rebirth as pure consciousness.” Mooji

How to Let Go & Let God Transform Your Life Divinely!

When I let go & Let God be in charge my life transformed Divinely. NO longer did I need to do & hustle ‘human’ style! I practiced diligently abiding in God, dwelling in the secret place of the most High & now experience absolute certainty of Abundance in all ways flowing without me! I’ll share how with you here…

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The Shocking Sad Secrets of the Rich & Famous…

There is no mystery to be found in the human experience, it’s ALL 100% predictable! The revelations of my m/billionaire clients is the shock of my career; not to mention the topic for my next phd. You NEED to know this if you want to be ‘happy’, REALLY authentically happy in life!

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Short Story: the Truth About Health…

The body is neither the cause nor source of health. Treating the body is an epic waste of money, time, energy & sanity! The body is to be Transcended in aligning with the Divine Operating system where ‘healing’ is the least of your inherent gifts!

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Lies Helsloot

BELGIUM, AUTHOR, Entrepreneur; Founder of “Delphin & Emerence” & “Take You Time”

Lies went from paralysed with fear, overwhelm, feeling like an imposter & totally inadequate, racked with guilt over the impact of her looping world on her daughter, TO peace, FILLED, giddy with playfulness & bliss & a MIRACULOUS turn around in her business (10’s of 1000’s in her bank instead of months of $0) which has changed the game entirely in ONLY 1 session…

“I feel so at peace, I feel pure love, I even feel kind of pleasantly “silly” feeling relaxed, relieved, happy, pure bliss. And the feeling stayed with me even long after and remains still…Everything has changed so quickly, success has arrived”….The Divine Fire has been lit & every aspect of Lies’ life is shining & expanding in True Prosperity!


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