How to Embrace “Judgement” & FIND PEACE…

Today we're pivoting on Judgement to find we can harness it strategically to FIND peace rather than allowing it to steal it a moment longer...
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We’ve all heard we shouldn’t judge, it’s not spiritual you KNOW! I used to feel like the world’s biggest failure, as much as I TRIED not to judge, I couldn’t help it and I couldn’t STOP!

It’s EXHAUSTING to “try” not judging, I spent SO much energy trying my heart out to NOT judge which really just made me feel worse about myself!

It turns out that I’m not alone, everyone I work with in my practice feels the same way, we just tend not to go shouting our inadequacies from the roof tops so we live in a private hell of our own making, kept prisoner believing in our worthlessness, wrongness & isolation. I felt SO guilty for my judgemental mind for years…

It occurred to me that perhaps judgement, which I was seemingly VERY good at, could be looked at in another way, perhaps even helpful on my journey profound peace. The answer, YEP, rather than hide my judging ways, why not embrace them and let them lead me deeper to truth…

In this weekly “Masterclass” from our Life Mastery Room tribe (HERE) I share how we can USE judgement, free ourselves from the prison of feeling bad for judging (something we can’t stop until for a very good reason) & follow the thread within to find the REAL cause of judgement AND the antidote…

Post your takeaways below, what has your journey with judgement been like?

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