The truth of you

is not to be contained by a mere belief system that reeks of powerlessness & limitation
as does the belief in being human...

Playing the game of lower mind survival is stressing you, exhausting you, aging you, diminishing you in every possible way, something I witnessed first hand for over 25 years practicing in cutting edge health & functional medicine. That inherently limited game of life is not why you’re here (pssst, that’s why it’s never felt quite right & that’s why efforts at healing the body eventually leave us STILL disillusioned & STILL dead at the end of it all)… I’ll Show You HOW To Transcend, to KNOW your Incorruptible, Invulnerable, Infinite Self!

Transcending the ‘safety first’ mind of humanness reveals a glorious Truth; a lack of safety (ie the belief in being a human) IS the spell which gets UN-done in order to fly in Grace, leaving all the nonsense of limitation & wanting in the dust!

I’ve Transcended my very typical life, just a regular ‘human’, nothing special at all that’s actually the point, you don’t have to be anything or anywhere different than this moment here & now. With all the common challenges, the kind of enviable success that comes with exhausting ‘doing’ to now live in the knowing & experience of True Self, Exquisitely Peaceful & Happy, Divinely Prosperous, Unwavering IN Love in Profound Connection; Oneness!

 NOW I guide my clients with predictable success (because it is predictable) to their own Transcendence; It’s Your Turn!

Your Divine Inheritance awaits…

In fact, if you’re reading this then you’re already WAY further along the journey of awareness than most (ego usually bolts at the first hint of its demise!), there’s actually not much further to ‘go’, the human illusion dominates ONLY because it so conditioned & familiar. I call it the most convincing magic act there has ever been, mere smoke & mirrors that appear so real at every turn…

Real & True do NOT collide, which makes Transcending simple…

The Ultimate Liberation in Grace requires a level of Desire for Truth which exceeds the human desire for comfort, you already know which one wins 99.9% of the time (the irony here is that there is not a thing actually comfortable about the human condition – we spend a lifetime fighting & failing to be free of it)…

The desire for comfort stems from the belief in being a victim (a powerless human) & this will win every day of the week, it’s the common denominator in those who appear to ‘fail’. The faint of ‘heart’ are pulled back to comfort, the comfortable zone of familiar & normal, even if it sucks enormously…

If you’re willing to see everything differently, you’re not going to let the comfort zone define you a moment longer, you’re all IN for a little unknown territory with the GRAND Prize of Absolute Peace, your Inheritance of Divine Prosperity & beyond a guarantee. You’re NOT faint of ‘heart’…

I’ll show you the path to effortless Peace available & WELL lit to guide you directly ‘home’ at every step of the journey!

Because you’re already at the highest level in the game of form (ie you can see very clearly the ego game of seek & do not find in even the ‘best’ prize of matter), you’re not going to faff around making the most important decision of your life, successful people don’t procrastinate & they make the required decisions regardless of comfort as you know…

What you’ll discover about me is that there’s no mistake I have the affectionate title of “Angel with a Sledgehammer”!

I am FIERCELY Focused on Love & will hold you tightly wrapped in the wings of True Empathy (not joining you in suffering BUT recognising your Invulnerable, Eternal, Perfect Self in Divine Oneness) as you experience the Truth to then ‘fly’ in Grace!

My clients succeed because of my Ruthless Caring!

My genius is illuminating your hidden handbrakes to Bliss & we don’t waste time!

As a Mystic I have my eyes on the Truth & I hold you in that KNOWING as you claim it for your-Self  in experience!

We flip every unconscious, impossible to spot misperception on its head so that Divine Truth (there’s no problems in the reality of Transcendence) can flow & light the ‘way’ your mind was simply unable to see with human ‘dust’ clouding True Vision…

As an example, whilst the rest of the world espouses “Legacy”, you’ll discover the hidden fear & powerlessness inherent in this conversation, an extremely sneaky ploy of ego that very few can Transcend! YOU WILL!

You’re aren’t here to leave a legacy, you ARE the Legacy!

It’s like our world’s obsession with goal setting & having a vision which is a very LOUD declaration of lack & powerlessness…

My clients call me the Ultimate mentor, the unconditional,non-judgemental BFF in True Empathy (knowing your Divine Essence in absolute Limitless Grace) who will give it to you straight & guide you to pierce the veil of limitation & illusion ASAP!

Why the heck wait to know & live in undisturbed, Invulnerable Peace playing the Divine game of Euphoria in Absolute Liberation & Relaxation?

Sally has been a sought after leader & voice in the field of human potential for nearly 30 years. With a long history of uncommon success playing at the cutting edge of both functional medicine & transpersonal practices, Sally is devoted to leading from Love, having sold out entirely to God…

Sally has become affectionately & widely known as “The Angel With a Sledgehammer”, the Mystical Mentor, her ruthless caring is legendary. It is this unparalleled capacity to hold her clients in True Empathy (Divine Truth & Atonement) that leads to permanent Transcendent results…

I see THROUGH the program & hold you in the Light of Truth as you Transcend the human matrix & live guided by your own Inner Grace all the way down the road of Euphoria…

What is a mystic? One who desires nothing from the world because they know where the Source of all happiness, love and contentment is found & it is for everyone. A mystic does not have a goal to change the world, knowing full well that the world is a reflection of an internal condition. Knowing spiritual reality to be Truth, and the world of form to be illusory, mystics are fully aware of the eternal nature of our Being.

Based in Australia where she serves her clients globally, Sally is first & foremost a Child of God & student of her son Jacob & husband Mike. They share a commitment to Truth & Integrity & continue to raise the bar for joy & laughter to lead with Love.



Phd Theocentric Psychology (Origin of Decision published)

Masters Metaphysics

Minister Metaphysics, OMC, A Course in Miracles

Neuroscience Trainer – The Neuroscience Academy

Stress Mastery Educator – AIS

Transpersonal Counseling – IKON

Success Principles Trainer Jack Canfield

Master Life Coach

NLP & EFT Practitioner

Masters Nutrition

BSc Naturopathy

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Reiki Master

Psych-K & Quantum Touch Practitioner

BA  Anthropology (Religion)