you are the greatest treasure there has ever been!

...& nothing you ever do in the world,
no stuff, attainment or achievement,
will compare, come close to knowing or impacting...

pure & simple 'being' in self-realized
oneness consciousness

You can absolutely know this, it's the purpose of the world & I've got just the thing to help...


"A Mind Revolution"

Discovering the "Holy Grail" in Consciousness


Perception is the detour away from Reality (the Reality of Your Inherent Perfection) "A Mind Revolution" overcomes...

Tabula Rasa is the Truth; aka seeing clearly... “Man is born a tabula rasa; his behaviour is learned, his bigotries and fears are not innate.”

While we are all born with a certain genetic make-up, ultimately we are a society of learners, meaning that we are born tabula rasa and develop habits through imitation.”

"Tabula Rasa" is a Latin term meaning "the absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals: a clean or blank slate".

It is a state of mind where you leave your mind open and clean for the Spirit to shine; for the Love to pour through.

Without a personal agenda, we can rest in peaceful emptiness and at one with our Source.

A mind that is free from judgment is open to receiving and extending the Joy that flows naturally from within!

I Stand WITH You If You Want To Know Supreme Fulfilment, Peace, Bliss. You'll Find What You're Truly Seeking
Right Where You Are In Exquisite Presence. Beyond The Reaches Of Ego, Before Perception. At The Core Of YOU!

"A mind revolution"
book & bonuses

by Dr Sally Gray Phd OMC

"It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to teach people the art of seeing."

Carl jung

“Sally is the master of purification, a gifted healer of the mind & otherworldly divine way-shower. In purifying the mind of that which is false, I began to see so clearly, through Divine eyes & it hasn’t stopped expanding!”…

Gabbi – Spiritual Healer

if you're willing to see everything differently

Willing to let a higher wisdom show you the vision of 'heaven'

allowing you to see through entirely new eyes

beyond the confines of limited finite personal perspective

You're ready to be self-realized!

You're ready to discover the holy grail

the prize few ever hear calling & even fewer ever know...

an advanced & accelerated path to the "I" of true being
for earnest seekers ready to stop running & go directly home to the grand prize of 'oneness'.
Those who want the direct self-transcendent path to supreme fulfilment
fully & authentically awake from the dream of separation
living permanently & immovably in true spiritual identity in divine communion.
without the typical 'ego' distractions that most never see let alone overcome!

unfortunately sonia is right!

authentic awakening to the perfect peace of oneness is far from easy or guaranteed....

I Was Stuck In The Land Of Wanting, Searching & Seeking Unnecessarily Too...

I Fell For The Illusion That True Fulfilment, Peace, Happiness & Abundance Required Conditions Of The World To Be Met - A Big Fat Bank Account; A House In Paradise; All The Bling & More; Perfect Partner & Kids; To Be 'Seen' As A Wonderful Kind & Helpful Person; Fame; A Legacy To Heal The World...

I Was SO Wrong, So VERY VERY Wrong & Walking Flat Out In The Opposite Direction of True Fulfilment...

This Is Actually Extremely Common Amongst High Achievers, Rendering The HIGHLY Capable & Most Intelligent
Floundering & Wondering Where To Next?

You've hit the highest note of self-actualization, trained with the best in the world to manage life at the highest level but you find yourself bored to tears by talk of more 'stuff' or yet another worldly mind-body solution, you've wised up to the habit of trying to change anything in the world & you KNOW there's something you're missing. You want the fast path to that 'secret' pinnacle of Life; "Heaven"...

Once You've Done Everything, Ticked Off Your Vision Board & Realize THAT Wasn't "It". What Now?

You've Explored Spirituality, Perhaps Even Been Studying Vedanta, Buddhism Or A Course In Miracles For Years
But Are Not "Yet" Spiritually Realized & THIS Is What You Want!

You're Sick & Tired Of "Hearing" About How Glorious Oneness Is & You're Ready To Finally KNOW It!

I Stand WITH You If You're Ready To Come 'Home' To Heaven...

To Know Truth Requires Reality Shaking Conversations & You're Ready To No Longer Pander To Perception!

Turns Out The Rule Book For Living That We're Given Is Corrupted & Inescapable Because of One Single Faulty Premise
Which We've Unknowingly Invested Our Entire Living Energy Reinforcing...

"What You Think You Are Is A Belief To Be Undone" - A Course in Miracles

I Made An Accidental Discovery Along The Journey Of Peak Personal Growth & Self-Improvement...

One That Led Me To Escape From The Delusion Of Getting More

In A Mere Dream Of Separation, Multiplicity, Limitation & Dying

& Landed Me Squarely In Fulfilled Being...

Over the last 30 years,

I’ve journeyed to find this connected place,

and sought to bring others here too. 

In fact, I’d like to tell you a story…

Ruth is the epitome of success. She had a beautiful family & a wildly successful business. As an extremely driven individual, she & her husband, Gary, were able to retire in their 50s! They had grand plans to travel & really suck the marrow out of life! 

Life seemed breathlessly full of joy when Ruth’s rug was recklessly ripped out from beneath her. 

Gary passed away in the night without warning. 

Anyone else in this situation would have been racked with grief & shock, just like those around her were, her children were inconsolable. But Ruth experienced a sense of profound peace that defied all explanation. Instead of worry or fear or pain, she felt a palpable sense that everything was fine… in fact it was better than fine, it was completely as it should be. 

This sense of serenity was inexplicable and impermanent… it began to fade all too quickly for Ruth. 

She longed for that peace to return, because without it, life was meaningless. She began feverishly turning over every rock in search of that fleeting peaceful feeling. She sought out doctors and therapists, she read everything she could get her hands on about neuroscience & psychology to explain her experience & help her repeat it!

The closest she came to understanding this life altering experience was in hearing of those who had ‘cheated’ death & lived to tell the tale of transformation, going on the lead a heart-centered life.

The topic became a siren song to her, always calling her home. The problem was, she didn’t know where home was

Her search went on… she studied consciousness, spirituality, went to workshops & followed spiritual teachers. And at moments, she could capture that peace & feel it, but it was fleeting, infrequent & unreliable.

When the world shut down, Ruth was confined to her computer. She became a Youtube junkie, & endlessly consumed spiritual teaching & self-help videos. What she found was a lot of regurgitated information that lacked practical application or the depth of experience she’d already tasted.

On one of her rabbit hole benders, Ruth found one of my videos about authentic Oneness spiritual law. She said at first she was pleasantly surprised to hear something she hadn’t heard before, which I found interesting

She said:

"Firstly, you directly answered the question I’d had about the limitation of the human mind,
i.e. the redundant nature of thinking and problem solving,
because our own answers exist in the same realm as the problem.

Secondly, you share precisely how to go beyond the thinking mind &
the critical nature of experience over information.

To see the false as false is the necessary purification to allow Peace.

I just knew this was the step I needed help with.

Something within me just screamed YES!"

Before Ruth found these teachings, she was terrified that she would never know peace like she felt in that initial experience after her husband passed ever again.

She feared she had lost Love, lost something she could never replace, ONLY to discover this is impossible. 

The very ‘thing’ she was looking for was her own Essential Being & you can’t lose that!

Now she effortlessly lives with the same experience of peace the likes of which is otherworldly. The “peace that passeth understanding”, like a memory that never stopped playing. She’d just stopped tuning in, AND this peace is consistent & reliable.

We're Not Here To Change The World,

Rather To Awaken From It!

The World Our Senses Perceive Which Confines Our "View" Is Not Reality...

Personal Perception Defines, Confines & Ultimately Clouds True Vision Which Means You're Continually
Firing Arrows That RARELY Get Close To The Mark...

Leaving Most ENDLESSLY Seeking & No Matter What Action Is Taken, There's A Deep Sense Of
STILL Not Being Where You Really Want To Be & It Just Doesn't Make Sense!

Leaving You With Doubt - Frustration - Embarrassment, Feeling Defeated & Powerless DESPITE
No Worldly Reason To Feel Any Of These...

This Is NOT What Life Is About...

I Found The Holy Grail When I Realized What I Am NOT...

Which Cleared The Way To Recognize What I Am...

I Had Fought To Be Special, Unique, Sovereign Only To Discover

The Holy Grail

Is Organically Revealed In The Absence Of Ego...

Self-Realization Is The Knowing Of The True Self Beyond All Appearing Phenomena
(No-Thing We Can Be Aware Of Has Anything To Do With Truth)...

Sifting Through The False Erases All Limitation, Lack, Suffering & Struggle...

Peace, Miracles & Magic Begin To Flow!

I Found The Direct Path To Pure Consciousness Where ALL Questions Are Answered...

I Want To Save You Lifetimes & Shine The Light On The Way For You To Realize This Too &
Transcend The Dream Of The World Of Doing & Death...

True Empathy Recognizes NO Problems Exist In Reality, Every Problem Known To Man Is Dreamed &
You Can Know A World That Is ENTIRELY Problem Free, Making Stress & Unhappiness IMPOSSIBLE
& Perfect Peace & Happiness ALL That Is Known...

A Mind Revolution Is For Those Who REALLY Want To Wake Up!

you can't do True fulfilment & abundance!

It's your natural essence & you simply allow it

to pour forth in the stillness & emptiness of Being...

The World Is A Dream & Only You Can Make The Choice To Awaken...

This Is For You...

If You Want To KNOW True Reality Definitively In The Highest Love...

The Direct & Accelerated 'Way' Requires The Purification Of Perception...

Let's Call Out The Elephant In The Room SO FEW Ever See Through: Person-hood...

The Only Obstacle Veiling Your Deepest Desire Is A Sense Of Personal Reality...

In A World Dominated By Ego (the belief in separation & a world of separate bodies)
It's Impossible To Find The Way Home Which Is Why It Seems So Hard...

Unless You Are Guided To The Fundamental Cause, You're OFF!

The Cause Of Experience Has NOTHING To Do With Anything At The Level Of Perception...

I Had Been OFF For Decades Taking Action At The Level Of The World & Despite Material Success,
It Wasn't Until I Discovered The 'Right' Level To Focus On That I Transcended Into Self-Realized Grace...

Not One Single Self-Improvement Expert Illuminated This & I've Trained With The Best!

These Are NOT Easy Conversations, Who EVER Thought The Pinnacle Of Life Would Be Easy?

You HAVE To WANT To Be Happy Rather Than Right Which Rules Out Most...

I've Discovered The Fast Direct Way For Bona Fide Seekers Of The Numinous - A Top Shelf Life!

True Self-Realization Is Not Only Highly Precise REQUIRING Expert Guidance
To Navigate The Plethora Of Ego Pitfalls & Unnecessary Suffering
BUT The Only Work Worthy Of You?

what else could possibly satisfy the child of creation other than going home
to the knowing of infinite limitless eternal being?


We Live A Lie UNTIL...

We DO Discover The Truth Of Being One With All That Is

One With The Primal Source Of Creation

Beyond The Impossible Mind-Body Mirage That Most Never Escape...

Awakening to Oneness is the Discovery of Supreme & Ultimate Reality of Being

ALREADY Whole Perfect & Complete Backed By The Omniscience Of God's Grace

the holy grail

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If you’re tired of living at a lower than desired frequency, feeling anxious with no good reason, knowing that something is missing but you just can’t figure it out, constantly battling the weight of the human condition despite worldly success…

You’ve ALREADY wised up & realized that no-thing & no-one of the world is where “IT’s” at… 

If you’re looking for that “something more”… more than the Law of Attraction, more than EFT & EMDR & NLP & all the rest, more than meditation, more than any self-help book or retreat…&  you’re not finding it anywhere…

If you’re not here to leave any stone unturned & you KNOW you’re being called ‘higher’…

If you want the Highest Love & Life, you’re in the right place… 

We’re going beyond the human paradigm…

THIS is the “more” that is your natural inheritance, not more of the human dreamed realm…

If you’re ready to know absolute liberation beyond the notion of bondage, to soar without limits… 

You’re ready to go DIRECTLY to Happiness, beyond all false cause-effect conditions in the world, to just BE HAPPY!

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Transcendence Alchemy Framework to use!

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